10 Must Hacks for Getting Your Body in Ketosis

    we are going to tell you how to achieve your weight loss goals.
    Today, we are going to tell you how to achieve your weight loss goals.

    You might have been on ketodiet for a while; but are not able to see its weight loss benefits yet. It is because of the simple fact that you might not know how exactly ketodiet works. Today, we are going to tell you how to achieve your weight loss goals.

    Ketodiet works on the principle of ketosis. It is a metabolic process in which body utilizes fats as its source of energy instead of breaking down carbohydrates.

    Our bodies are built in such a way, that carbs are used as our primary source of energy. However, science has found out that ketosis is equally effective source of energy for the body.

    Here, we are going to make sure that you get in an optimum state of ketosis for your weight loss struggles. For this we are going to share with you some hacks that will put your raise your ketone levels effortlessly.

    Caution: You cannot expect to get in to ketosis overnight. Your body has been using carbs as its primary source of energy for decades. It takes 48 hours to 1 week for the body to switch from using carbs to fats. So being patient and referring to below list will make your life easier.

    1.Testing Amounts of Ketones in Your Body:

    The first step you need to do is to make sure you are in ketosis. You do this by actually testing for ketones. Ketones are fatty chemical compounds that your body uses when it goes in starvation or when on low-carb diets.

    There are three types of ketones namely, acetone, acetoacetate and beta-hydroxybutyrate; and there are three ways to test for ketones i.e. through breath, urine or blood.

    The first type of ketone i.e. acetone is found in a person breath. The device use to measure this is ketonix meter. A person breath out in to the meter and a color flashes indicating your level of ketones.

    Ketones can also be measured with blood ketone meter. You simply place a drop of blood on the strip which indicates your level of ketones in your body. The strip measures beta-hydroxybutyrate levels in your blood. Although it is very accurate but is more expensive than the other options.

    The last method to test for ketosis is to use ketone urine strips. These strips measure the level of acetoacetate in your body. You will need to dip the strip in your urine and different shades of pink will represent how much ketones you have. Darker the shade the higher the ketone level.

    The reason we are placing so much emphasis on testing for ketosis; is because it will identify on how to adjust your diet intake and activity levels.

    10 Must Hacks for Getting Your Body in Ketosis

    hamburger sliders on a plate (Ketosis)

    2. Don’t Eat Alot of Carbs:

    The basic mechanism to get into ketosis is to consume less amount of carbs, yet so many have a difficult time in figuring out how much exactly to eat?

    The rule of thumb is to get only 5% of your energy from carbohydrates, 75% from fats and only 20% from protein food sources.

    So how it translates into calories and grams? You need not more than 20g of carbs per day. It means you will only need 80 calories in your standard 2000 calories diet from carb sources.

    What you need to make sure is to avoid pasta, noodles, bread, naan, buns, corn etc or any other food rich in carbs.

    Even not all vegetables are keto-friendly. There are some with a lot of carb content e.g potatoes and carrots. Make sure to avoid them too.

    You can opt for more keto-friendly veggies like broccoli, asparagus, cucumber, cauliflower, bell peper, cabbage, spinach and mushrooms.

    3. Use of MCT Oils:

    MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides. They are found in coconut oil. It is better to get your MCT from supplements rather than coconut oil itself, because coconut oil has 4 types of MCTs and the one responsible for raising ketone levels (lauric acid) is only 50% of the composition. So we recommend you to buy some MCT oils instead coconut oil.

    However, care should be taken before adding MCT oil into your diet because alot of people report upset stomachs and diarrhea. Start with 1 teaspoon a day and level it up to 3 tablespoons over a week. This will fix the issue.

    Studies have shown, that High-MCT diet works great, even if you are getting 20% of your energy from carbohydrates. Unlike, classic ketogenic diet where you need to get 5% calories from carbs. In a nutshell it means you can enjoy more carbs if you are on high-MCT diet than if you are without it.

    And the 2nd rule of thumb we mentioned above, you can somewhat bend that if you are using MCT oil.

    Be Physically Active

    happy sporty woman relaxing in park

    4. Be Physically Active:

    You need be physically active and say good bye to sedan-try life style, if you want to be in sustained ketosis. You can do workouts at gym with strength and endurance training or you can do cardio with running or cycling.

    The main idea is that your body uses glycogen, a form of carbohydrate, when you are expending energy. When on ketodiet you don’t need to refill that source of glycogen anymore and this further accentuates your level of ketosis.

    Your liver accelerates producing ketones, as your primary source of glycogen has been depleted due to physical activity.

    Studies have found that if your ketone levels are low, then exercise helps with faster rate of ketone production. However, if you have elevated ketones than exercise won’t raise your ketone levels, in fact it might decrease it for a short span of time.

    Further, exercising in a fasted state and working out before meal has also been shown to increase ketone levels.

    Caution: Although exercising is shown to positively get you into ketosis. However, it takes about 1 to 4 weeks for your body to adapt from using carbs to fats as its primary source of energy.

    5. Fasting is Good:

    Another hack to get into ketosis is to fast. There are various ways you can fast e.g. intermittent fasting or fat fasting. Both comply with ketogenic diet standards.

    Getting into ketosis is a defense mechanism of the body and when we are starving it hits into high gear. So our body switches from using carbs to burning ketones for its energy requirements as soon it senses starvation.

    One odd way, people unconsciously fast is when they sleep . The body get into state of mild ketosis between dinner and breakfast.

    Or you can try intermittent fasting. It is a type of fasting which does not restrict what you can eat but when you can eat them. Typical time to eat is from 12 noon to 6 pm in evening. So basically you would be skipping both dinner and breakfast in this type of fasting. And only taking one time meal for lunch.

    Moreover, fat fasting is another way you can use to get into ketosis. It mimics the standard fasting however, you are allowed to eat only 1000 calories per day and 90% of that needs to come from fat sources.

    Caution: Fat fasting should be done only for a period of 3 to 5 days because it is very low in protein and calories; and may cause loss of muscle mass.

    6. Level Up Your Fat Intake:

    Standard Ketodiet consists about 75% of calories from fat sources. So it is only logical to increase fat intake to meet that goal. However, newbie ketonians make a mistake just lowering their carb intake and think they will som how get into ketosis.

    Further, since your diet comprise of consuming lots of fats, you will need to make sure to select high quality fatty sources. These include but not limited to avocado oil, olive oil, butter and coconut oil.

    In addition to that, there are high-fat food like cheese, full-fat yogurt, fatty fish, whole eggs, dark chocolates and avocado; that will help you alot in raising your fat intake.

    Extremely high fat diet does not necessarily mean higher ketone levels or good state of ketosis. In fact, it was found that a group of people over a span of 3 weeks took high-fat diet ranging from 80% to 90%, reported similar ketone levels.


    If weight loss is your goal, then you need to make sure not to go overboard with your minimum calories intake. For instance, only 75% of 2000 calories should come from fats and not beyond that.

    Don’t Shun Proteins Entirely

    famous Japanese beef  (Don’t Shun Proteins Entirely)

    7. Don’t Shun Proteins Entirely:

    Alot of people place too much emphasis on either cutting back on carbs or ramping up fat intake. However, they forget most important part of keto diet that is consuming adequate amounts of protein. As mentioned earlier, you need at least 20% of your daily calories from protein sources.

    This is important, because when you get low on carbs there is a danger to lose your muscle mass in addition to fats. This can make you sluggish and low on performance if you are working out.

    To counter that you will need to take in your proteins. Your liver need proteins to make amino acids so that it can provide source of fuel for organs like red blood cells, kidneys and portion of brain that cannot use ketones as energy source.

    Also studies have found that adequate amounts of proteins helps in maintaining state of ketosis.

    You will need 0.8 grams of proteins per 1 pound of lean body mass.

    3 Additional Tips to Get in Ketosis:

    The above hacks must be enough to level-up your ketones, however, if you are still struggling you need to get your basics right.

    When the body shifts from using carbs as its primary source of energy to fats for the first time, then few people might get flu-like symptoms as a side effect. It might range from headaches, dizziness, upset stomach and confusion. We call it keto-flu in ketodiet terminology.

    Following 3 tips will help you transition into ketosis safely, while minimizing the side effects from keto-flu.

    Drink lots of water.

    Young beautiful sport woman drinking water after running in nature.

    1. Drink lots of water.

    You might be tempted to say what drinking alot of water has to do with ketodiet. We say everything. When you are in keto diet your body can misinterpret thirst for hunger. So instead of taking in on calories we recommend you to drink lots of water instead because you are having a false alarm .

    2. Replenish Electrolytes.

    Drinking alot of water is a good start. But it won’t replenish all the minerals you flush in urine. It is an excellent idea to invest in some good brands of drinkable electrolytes. This will help you stay sharp and alert.

    3. Get Quality Sleep.

    No weight loss diet will work if you are not having good quality sleep. You will need at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Good sleep plays vital role in hormone regulation and body repair. Not getting enough sleep has been shown to effect your blood sugar regulation negatively. Don’t use mobiles 1 hour before sleep. Make the room as dark as possible so you have plenty of sleep producing hormone called melatonin. The room temperature should be warm in winters and cold in summers.

    Parting Remarks:

    We hope you liked and enjoyed our blog post for this week. Let us know in the comments section how these tips have worked out for you. Or if there is anything you would like to know about keto diet let us know.

    So you need to remember a couple of things to get in a sustained state of ketosis. You first need to test for the ketone levels, this will draw a roadmap of how much effort you need. Secondly, cut on carbs, increase fat intake and physical activity, use supplements like MCT oil and take adequate proteins. This will make sure you are on your way to healthy weight loss.

    Further, adopt a healthy lifestyle that comprise of drinking lots of water and having quality sleep.

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