Fitness Exercise At Home

woman exercising on treadmill in gym
smiling woman exercising on treadmill in gym

Staying healthy is the key to a happier life. It depends on a balanced diet and the right kind of physical and mental exercises. When a proper intake of nutrients and regular work out combines then it results in wonder. Fitness Exercise at home helps your body to learn to deal with the stress of life. It helps to relieve depression anxiety and increase one’s ability to concentrate. Through a regular workout, a person becomes sharper, active with high stamina. Fitness exercises at home also aid in lowering blood pressure. It helps to reduce the risk of life-threatening diseases. Being fit should be a priority in everyone’s life. Fitness Exercise at home increases flexibility to maintain muscular tension bones.

We all know that whether a housewife or a working woman, both can’t go to the gym every day. In this article, I am sharing 12 modest Fitness Exercises at home. It can perform within 30 minutes without any equipment.

1. Jumping Jack

Time: 30 sec

The very first Fitness Exercise at home you are going to do is jumping jack. It works for cardiovascular health and boosting your metabolism. First stand up straight, hands resting on thighs and feet a few inches apart. All you have to do is a jump. Your feet should be going out so they are a little more than shoulder-width apart. Raise your arms over your head. This amazing fitness exercise at home is a kind of a good worm up. Keep your joints loose to avoid any injury. Avoid holding your arms stick-straight, but keep them bent. The same goes for your knees. Repeat up to 30 seconds.


• Jumping jack is an incredible Fitness Exercise at home. It assists to boost your heart rate which causes burning of more calories and fat.

• This is a super easy fitness exercise at home for weight loss.

• When you take a deep breathe while jumping, a blood flow improves. It oxygenates your blood and muscles.

• For enhancing your stamina it proves to be a great fitness exercise at home

• It helps to relieve stress and beneficial for the cardiovascular system.

2. Mountain Climber

Time: 30 sec

Mountain climber is another body-weight and calories burning Fitness Exercise at home. Lie on plank position over your fitness Exercise mat with face downward. Keep your plums flat and toes pointed on the floor. Place your neck as well as beck straight in line with the body. Move your right knee up to your chest and exhale. Make sure your core should engage. Bring your right leg back to starting position. Extend the leg back out. Breathe out and bring your left leg to your chest. Then move back left leg back and breathe in.Do this for 2 set of 10 rep. Do it faster like you are climbing on a mountain.


• This fitness exercise at home will help you to lower belly fat and burns calories.

• It helps to improve your muscles and provides great balance to your body.

• This superb fitness exercise at home is suitable for toning body strength.

• Sheds the calories and maintain the ideal body weight.

• Mountain climber allows most of your muscles to be exercising. So help in building muscles

3. Lunges

Time: 30 sec

It is a very remarkable and convenient Fitness Exercise at home for your legs. No need of any expensive equipment. Stand straight, place your hand on hips and shoulders pushed back and relaxed. Take a large step with your right foot and flex your left knee up to a 90-degree angle at the same time. Make sure your both legs are making right angles and left leg doesn’t touch the ground. Come back in standing position. Alternate your leg and repeat the same. Try to go lower as you can. This fitness exercise helps to strengthen the core muscles for better stability.

Flexible woman meditating, yoga training on the grass in summer park. Morning yogi meditation


• This amazing fitness exercise at home works on the quadriceps. It includes extra muscles like gluts, hamstrings, calves and core muscles.

• It could be the best Fitness Exercise at home for toning the lower body.

4. Jump Rope

Time: As long as you can

One of the simplest and easy-to-learn Fitness Exercise at home is “Jump Rope”. You need a rope (longer in size for beginners) and a pair of good shoes. Stand straight on a hardwood floor or mat. Hold the handles of the Jump rope in your fingers (avoid holding in plums). At first, place your hands together and Jump rope in front of you. Then bring the rope behind you and turn it over your head. When the Jump rope is near to your feet, Jump! Move the rope underneath your feet. Turn the Jump rope over and over again while jumping over it while heels not touching the ground. Do it faster. You can mold your shoulders, chest, arms, and legs with this super cool fitness exercise at home.


• Bone density increases and does not impact hard on your joints

• It is the best ever fitness exercise at home for burning calories. It burns up to 480 calories in 30 minutes.

• It proves to be an effective form of cardio-respiratory fitness exercise at home.

5. Crunches

Time: 30 sec

Another simple fitness exercise at home is the crunch. It focuses on your abs without engaging your hip muscles. Lie straight on the mat with knees bent and feet flat on the floor at a distance of hip-width apart. Place your hands behind your head at a distance of some inches from each other. Keep your elbows bent, extended to your sides. Level them with your ears and rounded into some extent throughout the exercise. Curl up and Lift your head, neck and shoulders blade off the floor. Move your chin toward your chest. Hold for some moments. Move down your back to the mat. Do 3 sets of 4 rep. this fitness exercise at home reduces posture-related problems.

athletic woman doing exercising abdominals work-out lying in gym.


• This tremendous fitness exercise at home supports the lower back.

• Efficient, if you want great abs and core.

• It burns fewer calories but useful to build muscles.

6. Side Crunches

Try some modification of crunches in the form of side crunches. This fitness exercise at home improves your performance in sports like swimming. The side crunches work for your sides and oblique muscles. Keep your body in the position of crunches. You only have to do lift your upper body to the right (twisting your body) while doing regular crunches. Move your right knee to the same side. Get back your body to the starting position. Do this with the opposite side. This fitness exercise at home provides better firmness and balance. If it is more challenging then don’t lift knees and keep them bent. It could hurt due to the complexity of the midsection. This fitness exercise at home helps to level up your stomach. Hence increasing muscle strength.

7. Sit Ups

Time: 30 sec

Sit Ups is an effective way to toughen your abdominal muscles. You can tones up your midsection with this wonderful fitness exercise at home. At first, start off with the basic. Then try some modifications to the traditional sit-ups fitness exercise at home. Lie down on the mat. Keep your knees bent with the plane feet on the floor. Place your hands on opposing shoulders so that your arms across your chest. This allows you a central arising point. Keep your heels on the ground. Then lift your head first followed by your shoulder blades. Focus your eyes on your bent knees. You should do this effective fitness exercise at home in a very light manner. Contract your abdominal muscles. Lift upward from the ground. Your body should make a nice 90-degree angle. Hold the position for a second and then move the head back. This fitness exercise at home strengthens back muscles which give greater stability.


• This fitness exercise at home works for increasing your stamina. It works to makes abdominal muscles strong.

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8. Squat Jumps

Time: 30 sec

Another great fitness exercise at home is the Squat jump. Get into a normal standing position with a distance of inches between your feet. Lower yourself in to squat and bent your knees. Keep your face forward, chin up and arms down on your sides. Take a deep breath and make a very quick jump with the head straight. Drive hard when coming up from squat. Breathe out and lift arms to the chest. Try to jump high as you can. Touch down with the balls of your feet to land in a careful manner. This fitness exercise at home maintains Mobility and Balance


• This fitness exercise at home aids to stimulate an anabolic environment. It assists in building other muscle groups.

• It helps to burns calories

• Tones your back, abs, and entire body with this fitness exercise at home with no trouble.

9. Side Planks

Side plank is an efficient fitness exercise at home for strengthening the lower back. Lie on your side either right or left. Make sure your legs are straight. Keep the elbow of your arm on the floor. Lift your hips off the ground. Hold on for 60 seconds and then release this position. Side planks are the effectual fitness exercise at home for increasing your stamina. It increases total body strength.


• As this workout requires you to balance yourself on one arm. so it is useful for strengthening wrists, arms and shoulders.

• This remarkable fitness exercise at home increases stability and focus.

10. Triceps Dips

Time: 30 sec

Last fitness exercise at home is Triceps dips. You can do it on the floor or with a chair Stand in the front of the chair. The chair should place behind you. Put hands on the edge of a chair. Place your figures in the direction of hips. Your knees must bend. Keep feet flat on the ground. It is a very basic body-weight fitness exercise at home for triceps muscles. Pull your lower body off the chair and hold your body up with hands. Bend your elbows little by little and make a right angle. Lower your body toward the floor. Keep your back close to the chair. Repeat this for 3 – 4 times. This fitness exercise at home works best for triceps. It can engage shoulders, chest and lower back.

woman flexing arm muscles on cable machine in gym


• This superb fitness exercise at home can tone your arms. Your muscles run on the backside of the upper arm, from your shoulder to your elbow.

• It is a very inexpensive workout. It requires only a chair. If you don’t have then you can do it on the ground.

11. Calf raise

Time: 30 sec

It is an exercise for your calf muscles. For this Fitness Exercise at home, you need to put your hands on a sturdy surface like a wall, for balance. Inhale and raise your feet from the lower part of your feet. Stand on tiptoes of your feet. Hold this position for some time then exhale and lower your feet on the ground.


• Build calf muscle and increase its strength.

• Fitness Exercise at home improves the appearance of the lower legs. It allows you to jumps higher.

• You can do this super fitness exercise at home anywhere whether you are cooking or dusting.

12. Push-ups

Time: 30 sec

Push up is the fitness exercise at home which targets your triceps, shoulders, and chest. It also works for core muscles. Lie down on floor or mat with the palms on the ground. Place your hands at a distance of 12 inches from each other. Extend your arms as long as you can. Push yourself up onto your toes. Bent your arms and Lower your body toward the ground. Push again your body upward and extends your arms. This Fitness exercise at home works for abdominal muscles. It doesn’t need twisting or moving the spin.

If you are a beginner then you have to try Modified is easier and decrease the load. Lie in pushup position. Keep your knees on the floor while your body in a straight line from head to toe. Then do regular push-ups.

Another variation of push up is Wide-arm Push-ups. This fitness exercise at home also targets your chest, shoulder, and arms. Lie in standard push-up position. Move your right arm outward and then lower yourself towards the ground and then push up. Do the same with the left arm.

Two attractive fitness girls doing push ups in gym


• This fitness exercise at home improves the core strength. Also stabilizes it by providing greater balance and posture.

• Wide arm posh up helps to achieve a taxing upper body work out and reduce upper arm fat.

All these fitness exercises at home you don’t need any expensive and heavy equipment.

Either you are out of the city and staying in a hotel or at home. You can still achieve a fit and active body. You don’t have to go to the GYM and buy expensive and heavy tools. Your body weight is enough for performing much better workout than GYM. There are many variations of these fitness exercises at home. You can do 3 to 5 workouts up to half an hour daily.

Fitness Exercise at home helps in lifting your spirits and getting you out of any depression. If you are a beginner then do it for 15 minutes for 2 to 3 times a week. You can increase the time once your body tuned up.

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