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    Weight loss plans are the current fad among the health gurus of this millennium. You do not have to be a health enthusiast in this regard. Every one of us has adopted some kind of weight loss plan at some point in their life. The driving force behind such an approach is obvious. It is a disturbing rise in the occurrence of obesity and a parallel increase in the awareness about the risks of weight gain.

    To cut some pounds from the weighing scale, a variety of weight loss plans are adopted. Some may take a modern approach while others work via traditional routes. Some have faith in herbal remedies while others believe the solution to lie in acupuncture. Whatever the course is, the results are of two types.

    A quick fix to weight loss may deliver results but you regain the shed pounds almost immediately. If the process continues, it can lead to many health hazards in the days to come. That includes both physical and psychological. Dietitians may recommend such attempts for any upcoming wedding but never as a stable weight loss solution. A weight loss plan leading to a gradual and steady outcome is a more welcomed approach. That means you will have to make permanent changes in your lifestyle and eating habits.

    Every human being is an individual with unique body type. Though our digestive system works the same, our BMRs are specific to our bodies. However, it does not mean the weight loss equation is different. For an ideal weight loss plan, that works and gives you a result, the formula is simple. Cut back on caloric intake and increase the caloric output.

    Nevertheless, owing to the different lifestyles, genetic makeup, gender, age, and of course eating habits, the blueprint for weight loss plan may not be simple for you as it is for me. How to tackle it? Dietitians and nutritionists are the smart people dealing with the exact equation for you. If you are serious about losing some figure on the scale, you need to consult with an expert.

    • Taking a proper history
    • Studying your lifestyle
    • Monitoring your eating habits
    • Maintaining accurate calculations

    These are some of the steps to devise a weight loss plan, specific for you.

    The million-dollar question: who has the time for all of the above? The super busy schedules are one of the main reasons why we skip meals, overeat or do not eat healthily. So we will be taking a more general approach to the topic. An easy weight loss plan that is simple enough to make a place in your daily routines. Simplicity would mean

    • No stress of dieting
    • No counting calories
    • No unwanted hunger cravings
    • No demanding exercises
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    Taking a steadier and lasting solution includes a cut back on calories. This deficit is created via decreasing the input and increasing the output.

    The caloric input includes improving the nutrient content of your food. This will automatically decrease the food portion. However, it will not cause any loss of important energy stores in your body.

    The increase in caloric output is obtained via increased physical activity.

    It is important to note that an ideal weight loss plan does not exhaust you. That is only possible by improving the quality of food and maintaining a healthy eating routine.

    So where do you start?

    They say if you do not plan, you plan to fail. Making a conscious decision with an ironclad willpower is the most significant step in any weight loss plan. You must understand that successful weight loss takes time and effort. So be prepared. You should know why you are doing this. You must understand who would benefit. Knowing all the right reasons would make you committed to following your weight loss plan.

    Be realistic. It would help you remain focused. Often, the primary cause of a failed weight loss plan is an unrealistic benchmark. Realize you are not taking a magic pill. Your body is not passing through some machine backed by science fiction. There is no ‘fat burning switch’ in your body. Our bodies are different yet they respond logically. Losing one to 2 pounds per week is a good enough milestone. Overall, an average of 5% weight loss is ideal for individuals with any form of fitness level.

    Remain focused on the process of losing weight rather than the actual result. For instance, if you have set a target of walking 30 minutes per day, it is necessary to accomplish your mark. This will give you a sense of achievement. It is wise to keep a track of lost pounds but do not get paranoid. Do not start weighing yourself day and night. Dietitians recommend going for the body measurements as hip and waist sizes. The figures on the weighing scale can be deceptive.

    Dietary items are the source of caloric inputs. Making a right choice for effective weight loss plan is, therefore, important. Taking away some food groups entirely from your diet menus will not work as a lasting solution. Make sure there is no compromise on taste.In addition, you should be spending less of kitchen time. That means more of smart cooking choices.

    Dietitian working on diet plan. Weight loss and right nutrition concept,

    A Plant-based diet works wonders for weight loss plan. Add whole grains to get the most out of it. The general recommendation is three to four servings of vegetables and two to three of fruits. It serves a good portion of the fiber, which helps in controlling hunger for longer times. Fruits and vegetables are also a good source of natural sugar. If you happen to have a sweet tooth, fruit servings are a good alternative to artificial sweets. Different smoothies containing fruits are a good alternative for breakfast or a midday snack option.

    If you make a choice of non-starchy vegetables, that would go a long way in a weight loss plan. Eating a low carbohydrate diet would kick-start the fat burning proves because the body starts using stored fat for energy instead of simple carbohydrates. Some examples of low carb vegetables are broccoli, cabbage, spinach, cauliflower, tomatoes, and lettuce and so on.

    Proteins are an essential part of a weight loss plan. They have a high nutritive value. Upsizing your meals with a portion of lean meat is a healthy option. Usually, a 6-0z serving of fish, turkey or chicken per day does the trick. You can either add the protein part in a single meal or divide it between two meals. Improvise with non-animal protein sources as lentils and beans. Proteins keep your taste buds satisfied and your metabolism high; say goodbye to late night snacking.

    Our bodies need fat. However, a smart choice is significant for an effective weight loss plan. Making a selection of good fat choices as avocado, olive oil, coconut oil make the food appetizing by adding flavor to it.

    Replacing fine and processed grains with whole grain is another smart choice important for a weight loss plan. Similarly, avoiding all kinds of synthetic sugars not only aids weight loss but also lowers the risk of many diseases as diabetes etc. This includes all kinds of sodas, artificial fruit juices, and artificial sweeteners too. Use organic honey instead. Organic Stevia is reputed to be an excellent alternative to refined sugar. High temperature does not change its taste so it can be easily used in cooking and baking. The replacement for white sugar has never been so easy until today.

    Eliminating processed food items is another trick to lose some pounds. They not only contain added sugars but also contain unhealthy salts. Anything fresh would do. It would save you some pennies too. Though some diets make use of caffeine to increase the metabolism, yet the effects of green tea are unmatched. Limiting the intake of coffee and tea keeps in check your dairy intake. Drink more of green tea to get a healthy glow to your skin because of its antioxidant content. Another option is Oolong tea.  

    For individuals who love dairy, skimmed milk is the answer. Replacing regular yogurt with Greek variety for midday snack is a choice your tummy would love.

    The importance of physical activity and exercise cannot be overlooked in a weight loss plan. Remember, there is a difference in losing water weight and actual fat loss. Physical exercise helps you achieve factual results. Maintaining your weight also becomes easy in the end. Parallel to smart food choices, a smart exercise plan is very important to keep you motivated. Depending upon your age and fitness level, you can make a choice among many varieties of exercises.

    If you are a newbie to gym and exercise, do not burden your body with too much of activity. Build your stamina first. Take it slow. Start with walking and upgrade it to brisk walking. Add a little jog after a week or two. Join yoga for beginners once a week. This will add flexibility to your muscles without straining the joints.

    If your body is accustomed to some kind of exercise, then take it to the next level. Strength training is a good way of improving your metabolism. It sculpts and tones your muscles. Resistance training helps increase your resting metabolism. Your body keeps burning calories even at rest at this rate. Ultimately, it leads to an improvement in your bone health.

    Contrary to general belief, resistance training does not cause the building of muscles in women because of their natural body makeup. It does greatly improve the bone health. A great way to lower the risk of bone disease in women especially after menopause is to pick up weights. If you are skeptical, try using water bottles as weights. They serve the same purpose.

    For individuals in their middle age, the recommendation is a cardio session. It acts as a catalyst for weight loss by boosting fat metabolism. The results are amazing if combined with strength training.

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    If you are a busy bee, aerobics is for you. Aerobics such as cycling, swimming, running, jogging build up your physical stamina by improving blood supply to larger muscle groups.  It improves your heart health at the same time as shedding pounds. Many fun versions of aerobics have also come up recently as Zumba and other activities incorporating dance moves. If nothing else, just do some jumping jacks daily.

    We have talked diet and exercise. However, there are some of us with a BMR set naturally at low levels. You may develop a metabolic condition, like hypothyroidism, when everything works at a slow pace. It is difficult to lose weight for such individuals. Here are some tips to give a boost to your metabolism. You may not lose weight fast. If you follow the info, you will be on your path to maintain your weight at a healthy level. Of course, this would mean an added boost to otherwise healthy individuals.

    • Do not skip breakfast ever
    • Add a protein portion to your breakfast
    • Take your meals regularly
    • Taking three main meals with two snacks in between keeps the metabolic clock working
    • Keep your body hydrated at the maximum, drink cold water
    • Eat high fiber foods
    • Take smaller portions of food
    • Snack on nuts
    • Add pepper, garlic or mustard to spice up your food
    • Avoid alcohol
    • Avoid stress
    • Take plenty of sleep
    • Do High-Intensity Interval Workout (HIIT)
    • Get involved in more of natural activities like taking stairs and tasking while standing
    • Enjoy an occasional treat, do not miss out on your favorites once in a while
    • Try supplementing with Glucomannan, green coffee bean extract, green tea extract
    • Try intermittent fasting; no eating after 8 PM till 8 AM
    • Detox once in a while; use a broth or a drink
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    Many different names specify different kinds of weight loss plans. Some of the most famous brand names for weight loss include the Atkins, South Beach, Paleo, Vegan, Dukan, Low-carb, the Zone diets, and so on. Though backed by science and research, the problem remains; nearly all of them limit the intake of some specific type of food group. They work, no doubt but not for long. They can jumpstart your weight loss process or help you overcome the weight loss plateau. However, how many of us can remain committed to a single weight loss plan for life?

    Physical and emotional stress often accompanies the branded diet plans. According to experts, a successful weight loss plan is all about making healthy and smart choices. It is about improving the quality of the food. Combined with suitable physical activity, your weight loss plan becomes a healthy lifestyle for life. 


    Every individual is unique. The best weight loss plan is the one that includes a balance of quality nutrients. Go for fresh ingredients. Avoid packaged food. Keeping yourself motivated becomes easier if the weight loss plan complements your lifestyle. The only hassle is to be more active.

    If you don’t know how to start ketodiet properly.

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