Yoga For Women

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Though termed as physical exercise, yoga has its mental and spiritual benefits. Yoga has been around for ages in ancient Indian and Buddhist religious cultures. The latter half of the current millennium saw the introduction of Yoga for women. It took the form of a beneficial form of physical exercise. With research, Yoga has made its foothold as a gratifying ritual for all ages.

Why Yoga for women

Expectation from women is of Multi tasking. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or an executive, handling corporate matters. Women have many strings attached to them that bond everything together around them. On the inside, stress and fatigue eat away the body and soul of women. Taking care of themselves fall on to their shoulders too. The best way to achieve a balance between inner and outer self is yoga; particularly Yoga for women.

Yoga defines a complete lifestyle. Yoga for women harmonizes every aspect of female body including the mental function. Simple breathing exercises can revise the sanity levels. A bit of stretching can bring back the serenity levels to best. That is why experts call Yoga for women a necessary activity. It helps them in carrying out their responsibilities with composure and dignity.

Yoga for women carries many benefits and does not pose an added burden to the busy schedules. An ideal activity, Yoga is an activity for all ages. Besides, it does not need much gear; only a yoga mat and some quiet time can enhance the upshots. Furthermore, any time of the day accommodates Yoga. Rejuvenate, revitalize and invigorate your body, mind, and soul at your convenience.

Benefits of Yoga for women

Yoga for women is not a simple set of stretching exercises or odd poses. It delivers benefits beyond physical aspects.

With a strong flexible body to achieving weight loss, Yoga for women does it all. It adds a beautiful glow to your skin and imparts a peaceful thought process. Keep your kidneys and colon clean and functioning. Fight a cough and cold. Manage your aches and pains. Stop snoring or meditate. Keep your blood pressure figures at normal. Some of the general benefits of Yoga for women are

  • Inner peace and harmony
  • Stress relief
  • Enhanced energy levels
  • Enhanced immunity levels
  • Weight loss
  • Flexibility and improved posture
  • Better perception and awareness levels
  • Improved insights and improved relationships
  • Fitness and robustness
  • Hormonal balance
  • Reduces the risks for chronic disease states
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Yoga for women contributes to fitness by maintaining health and vigor. Yoga delivers a complete holistic package for your body. Poses, breathing tips and meditation few minutes a day can de-stress you.

Yoga for women also sensitizes your body to food intake. Decreasing the caloric intake contributes to shedding some pounds off the weighing scale.

Yoga creates an inner peace and tranquility. Saying is if you are happy inside, the outside setting does not matter. Yoga for women delivers exactly that.

Yoga for women improves the immunity status. The de-stressing effects of Yoga release serotonin in the brain. When the inner state is calm, the body functions at optimal at all levels. It helps to regularize the digestive system, which has links to our immune system. With improved gut activity, immunity gets a boost at all levels.

Yoga for women improves muscle tone and flexibility. It aids in counteracting minor aches and pains in the body. It also improves the posture and physique. The effect is especially beneficial in women of middle age bracket. With strong muscles, the bones get strengthened. It lowers the risk of bone disease in old age.

Yoga for women improve focuses and thought process. It contributes to self-awareness and keeps your mind attached to the present. It helps you achieve a mental tranquility. Staying in your present keeps you aware of the small happy events in your life. It leads to a satisfied attitude with life.

Yoga for women helps one maintain better relationships. It keeps your mind is at peace and your soul contended with the present. You are better able to deal with the sensitivities of fragile relationships. Your mood improves. Your response to your loved ones becomes full with affection and care.

Yoga for women improves the quality of sleep. Improved sleep duration is a science-backed benefit. Women experience a more refreshed feeling upon waking.

Yoga for women helps your body combat inflammation. One of the long-term benefits of Yoga for women is to decrease the risk of development of a chronic disease like

  • Diabetes,
  • Heart disease, and
  • Even cancer

One of the most favorable advantages of Yoga for women is hormonal homeostasis. Yoga helps ease the havoc created by hormonal imbalance. Going through high or low energy spell or facing simple fatigue. Yoga for women helps restore the hormonal balance during puberty, menstrual or menopausal. It also helps you manage the stress of pregnancy, both pre and post pregnancy states.

Yoga for women- easy poses for every day and every age.

Yoga for women creates equilibrium between mind, body, and soul. The most common form of Yoga practiced in present times comprise of

  • Asana or postures
  • Pranayama or breathing techniques
  • Dhyana or meditation

Yoga for women includes gentle and low impact exercise moves that are ideal for all ages. These also cater for all stages of physical fitness. The best aspect of Yoga for women is that one can adopt any style within their limitations. There is nothing as a perfect pose. Build your stamina and challenge your body to the next level.

Yoga for women comprise of traditional types as

  • Raja,
  • Jnana,
  • Bhakti,
  • Karma and
  • Tantra

Yet many contemporary varieties have also come up. Some of them are

  • Ananda
  • Anusara
  • Ashtanga
  • Bikram
  • Forrest
  • Integral
  • Lyengar
  • Jivamukti
  • Kripalu
  • Kundalini
  • Sivananda
  • TriYoga
  • Viniyoga
  • Vinyasa
Beautiful and slender girl doing yoga in nature

The above-mentioned terms might be overwhelming. Yoga for women has some simpler versions too.

  1. Alert breathing

Breathing is living. Science proves slow and deep breathing initiates a relaxation response in the body. Yoga results in the

  • Slowing of respiratory rate,
  • Low heart rate,
  • Normalized blood pressure readings,
  • Improved digestion,
  • Enhanced energy levels,
  • A relaxed state of functions in the body,
  • Reduced perception of pain

The mindful breathing included in Yoga for women are easy. There is no restriction of age, physical status, or mobility range.

  • Flow movements

Gentle movements across the knees, wrists, ankles, and toes improve blood circulation. This kind of Yoga  also improves lymphatic drainage. It delivers warmth to the muscles and joints. The result is relief from tension and stress all across the body.

  • Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

Mountain Pose is one of the great poses of Yoga for women. It not only improves posture but also functions as a starting or resting pose.

  • Downward-facing dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

This pose creates a balance between the upper and lower body. It opens up the chest at the same time lengthens the legs.

  • Standing Poses

Yoga for women includes many important standing poses. These include Tree pose, Eagle pose, and Crescent Lunge. All coordinate the focus with the movement of the core muscles. It adds to the functional stability with age.

  • Side Planks ( Vasisthasana)

Yoga for women caters to stability issues in the upper body too. The side planks

  • Improve the core muscles,
  • Tones the muscles of the waist and
  • Integrates the chest, core, back and leg muscles
  • Prone Back bends

Yoga for women makes room for slouched shoulders and back. This helps to improve our posture and enhance internal organ functions. Belly down back bends like Cobra and Locust strengthen

  • The shoulders,
  • Upper and lower back,
  • And legs
  • Inversion pose ( Legs-up-the-wall)

As the name indicates, this particular pose among others in Yoga for women lifts us off our feet. This pose acts against the gravity. All the blood circulation and lymphatic drainage goes towards the heart and head. It gives much-needed rest to our lower joints.

  • Supine Twists

Supine twists in Yoga for women improve the functions of our abdominal organs. It releases any pressure around the vertebrae of our spine. Benefiting like no other pose, it is one of the gentle yet important poses of Yoga for women.

  1. Postures catering meditation

Yoga for women is incomplete without meditative postures. They help

  • Improve focus,
  • Enhance the creative nerve,
  • Relieve tension and stress,
  • Ease anxiety and
  • Reduce pain perception

Some of the sitting arrangements for meditation are

  • Quarter Lotus
  • Half Lotus
  • Full Lotus
  • Burmese
  • Seize
  • Chair poses

Yoga for women and Hormonal Balance

The working of a female body is all about hormones. From puberty until menopause, the hormonal play dictates a female body. Any disparity of the chemical equilibrium taxes your body. Yoga for women takes care of this particular aspect of a female body. The benefits of Yoga for women are time proven and backed by science.

Yoga benefits in adolescent years

Adolescence is a period of an immense hormonal surge. It is a time when young minds are coming to terms with their changing body. The hormones are creating a confused state of relating the inner changes with the outer ones. Yoga for women plays a significant role in the early development. It streamlines these effects in the right direction. It eases the confusion and anxiety. Yoga for women also caters to restlessness and apprehensions of the mind.

Yoga for women in their teens helps them cope with peer pressure and curiosities in life. It is a great tool for de-stressing. Observation is that young adults who take up yoga are less prone to fall victim to

 Exam pressure,

 Drugs, or

 Unhealthy relationships. Yoga improves the body image by aiding weight management. With improved mental and physical strength, the concentration span perks up. That leads to improved behavior and cognitive functions. Yoga for women in teens has long-term upshots. It aids the development of healthy reproductive functions via balanced hormones.

Downward Facing Dog delivers a sense of freedom and accomplishment. Standing Forward Face, and Cobra are some of the simple standing poses.

Some of the standing poses included in Yoga for women in early teens are

  • Mountain,
  • Warrior,
  • Triangle, and
  • Tree

Sitting poses for Yoga take in

Girl sitting in Paschimottanasana, Seated Forward Bend pose.
  • Seated Forward Bend,
  • Butterfly pose,
  • Fire log, and
  • Boat Pose

Do include Corpse and Child’s pose at the end of any session.

Yoga benefits in the reproductive age

Yoga for women in their peak reproductive years delivers immense benefits. Women go through fierce hormonal changes during the conception, prenatal and postnatal phases. Yoga for women can help balance hormones and maintain sanity. It supports your mental health and helps manage weight changes. Yoga contributes to easing stress. It helps when many women may not grasp what is going on within their bodies.

Yoga for women helps in relieving menstrual cramps, bloating, mood swings, and fatigue. Poses as

  • Reclined Spinal Twist,
  • Seated Twist or
  • Pigeon help combat low energy drive and other nuisances associated with periods

Yoga for women may help you in conception. Stress and anxiety usually accompanies conception attempts. Yoga for women counteracts it. Yoga for women improves the blood circulation to the reproductive organs. It also supports the hormonal flux at different stages of your reproductive cycle.

Poses like

  • Supported Bridge,
  • Legs Up The Wall,
  • Standing Forward Bend,
  • Reclining Bound Angle,
  • Child,
  • Cobra, and
  • Butterfly, and
  • Corpse is great aid in improving blood supply to the specific organs. It helps improve fertility and your chances at conception.

Yoga for women also improves posture and adds flexibility to your body. It contributes towards preparing your body for a possible pregnancy. It alleviates many problems that tag along with the advanced stages of pregnancy. These may include back pain, congestion in legs, and shifted balance. It strengthens your legs, back and abdominal muscles. Yoga for women can ease the delivery process.

Many experts may recommend against any exercise in the first trimester of pregnancy. With fit and healthy body, there is no reason why you should not be able to take these simple yoga poses in pregnancy.

Standing poses as Mountain and Triangle strengthen your upper body. Sitting Squats, Cat/Cow sequence, and Child’s pose contribute to the support of pelvic muscles. Yoga for women also includes breathing sequences during labor. It helps to endure the contractions’ pain.

Yoga for women helps put up with postpartum depression by easing your body back to normal. It also pays to balance the hormonal cycle. Anxiety usually accompanies the responsibility of taking care of a new life. Yoga for women helps you cope with it.

female friends making sits-up on mat. Healthy lifestyle, gymnastics, weight loss concept

Yoga benefits in menopause

Yoga for women accommodates a graceful aging process. Helping you cope with changing body and maintaining the physique are important aspects. Yoga for women keeps your posture balanced. It also improves bone density.

  • Ease your hot flashes,
  • Control mood swings,
  • Maintain a regular sleep pattern, and
  • Improve your focus and cognitive processes with different poses of Yoga for women.

Yoga for women going through menopause and beyond helps them in many ways. Achieve mental solace and body poise by improving circulation. Support the nervous system with meditation.

Take home message

Yoga for women is a complete organization of body, mind, and soul. Ideal for women of all ages, Yoga for women has poses for every stage of life. With infinite benefits, Yoga for women is more of a necessity than a luxury. Learn to deal with your subconscious changes with Yoga for women and enjoy a lavish living day in and out.

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